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JonBenet Patricia Ramsey

In my site blog post I like to address the case of

In my site blog post I like to address the case of "JonBenet Patricia Ramsey" whose murder case up to date remains open and unsolved. JonBenet was an American child beauty queen who was murdered at the young age of only Six inside her family's home in Boulder, Colorado. JonBenet Ramsey was born on August 6, 1990, she lived with her family in Boulder, Colorado. Only four people lived within the house which was: JonBenet's Mother Patsy, Father John, her older Brother Burke (age 9 at the time), and JonBenet. As I mentioned in my Jennifer Kesses blog post, I am the kind of person who has always been drawn to the conundrum. Based on my research on this obscure case, I came to the end conclusion and am convinced without a shadow of a doubt that JonBenet's mother Patsy Ramsey, and only her were responsible for her daughter's accidental death. Whether Mr. Ramsey had knowledge of this or was involved I was unable to determine. I strongly believe this was an accident that went completely wrong and hard as it was for Mrs. Ramsey to do as a mother she instead staged a crime scene to help cover up the accident. What do I base this on? I base it on reasonable logic. Let me take you first back in time to understand further why I came to this conclusion: At first hand, according to the investigator, the Ramsey's acted offbeat while JonBenet's murder case was being investigated. The statements taken from the Ramsey family had inconsistencies. According to Ramsey's police statements, on Tuesday Christmas night of December 24, 996, they had hosted a Christmas party, and upon returning home, the Ramseys stated that Mr. Ramsey had put his six-year-old daughter JonBenet who had already fallen asleep inside the car to bed around 9 pm. He then helped his son Burke put together a Christmas toy before Burke went to sleep. Mrs. Ramsey stayed up to prepare for the trip to Michigan the next morning. Sometime thereafter, JonBenet woke up after wetting her bed (What took place after that time that JonBenet woke up all wet with pee, remains unknown and hidden in truth). Then the following morning on Wednesday, December 25, 1996, at 5 am, to Patsy Ramsey's surprise she woke to find an extended 3-page handwritten letter for ransom which she found on the house stairs. The letter claimed that JonBenet had been kidnapped. After searching for JonBenet around the house, the Ramseys confirmed that JonBenet was missing. (Please note that the Ramsey didn't check the basement, this is one of the first places I would have checked if my child went missing). According to the ransom letter, the Ramseys had to pay the sum of $118,000 for their daughter's safe return. The letter stated that the kidnappers were going to call between 8 am-10 am with instructions for how or where to drop off the money. Fishily, the person who wrote the ransom letter never called. Sometime thereafter, the police had asked the Ramsey to re-check the house once again for anything that may have been missing or seemed out of place to which they can enter into evidence. It was then and only then that Mr. Ramsey along with his friend had discovered his daughter JonBenet in the backroom in the basement area. Mr. Ramsey came up the stairs holding the body of his daughter. JonBenet had died from both blunt force trauma and strangulation. Her body appeared to show signs of some sexual abuse. One fact remained, there were lots of discrepancies with Ramsey's details as statements to the police. I believe this was the main reason the case has never been solved because the truth was never exposed. So how can this be explained to understand? Well, first of all, the lengthy letter which consisted of three pages, was odd. This is in all honesty kind of really long for a ransom letter. It is probably the first longest ransom letter ever written by a kidnapper explaining in full detail everything including what the kidnappers were and what they were going to do with JonBenet if the Ramsey didn't comply with such demands. What I find most unusual is that the kidnappers were ONLY asking for the sum of exactly $118,000 for their daughter's safe return. Hm! This amount was of a significant number to John Ramsey. I mean come on? Why didn't the kidnappers ask for a whole lot more than just the specific amount of just $118,000? I find this suspicious, Why? Because it was the same amount of money that Mr. Ramsey had received as a Christmas bonus earlier in December. This meant that either the kidnappers knew Mr. Ramsey had already received that money and had possession of it, or that Mr. Ramsey or his wife had written the lengthy letter by making it appear that someone who knew his $118,000 bonus was the actual kidnapper. Besides this, the lengthy letter consisted of some strange language. The lengthy ransom letter claimed to be from a small foreign faction. The term 'Foreign Faction' was believed to be from a group representing a small foreign faction. In other words, there was a possibility of a true foreign faction being involved. Yet strange as it all sounds, the letter ended with the weird sign of Victory!. So then, Who wrote the lengthy letter? Based on the handwriting analysis, investigators had ruled out Mr. Ramsey as the writer of the lengthy note. Investigators had believed that Mrs. Ramsey was the writer. Investigators had requested from Mrs. Ramsey a fifth handwriting sample. An expert from the Boulder Police Department used by the FBI had asserted that after the crime, only one person of those who was investigated made a conscious effort to change their handwriting. Once compared to Mrs. Ramsey's previous writings, after she had received a copy of the ransom letter to re-write, Mrs. Ramsey changed her handwriting habits including for example her distinctive way of writing the lowercase "a". Investigators had determined that the lengthy letter was written on paper that came from inside Ramsey's house. What does this mean? It meant that the so-called kidnapper would have had to break into the house, kidnap JonBenet, and had to sit down to write a three-page lengthy ransom letter while the family slept comfy in their beds. It doesn't make sense, does it? I mean put yourself in the kidnapper's place, wouldn't you be risking yourself having to enter a home without being fully prepared first? I mean really, are you going to sit down and write a three-page lengthy letter explaining in detail the ransom and the demands when you are fully aware you might get caught by any family member who wakes up?. And the strangest part of the whole so-called kidnapping was that it never took place. JonBenet was found in the basement, there was a broken window and a suitcase under the window. So if there had been an intruder, this is how they got in. But hm! how does one explain that there were no footprints in the fresh snow outside Ramsey's house plus there was a dusty spider web across the window that was untouched? If someone had broken through the window, then both the dust and spider web would surely have been disturbed. Mr. Ramsey explained that he had accidentally broken this window months earlier after having been locked out of the house. So why didn't he fix that window knowing anyone can enter in just as he had? or was it all just a coincidence?. Then there is the suitcase found in the basement, the Ramseys had claimed that the suitcase wasn't theirs and they didn't know how it got into the basement. The suitcase was examined by the police, and it was found to contain a semen-encrusted blanket and a Dr. Seuss book. That's another thing that didn't make sense either. Under investigation, the semen was determined to have belonged to Mr. Ramsey's oldest son from a previous marriage. Mr. Ramsey's son didn't live with the Ramseys, and the police were able to prove his oldest son wasn’t in Boulder Colorado at the time of JonBenet's murder. Could it have been JonBenet's older brother Burke who killed her? Perhaps by accident, and his parents helped covered it up. But wait! that doesn't make much sense either. Burke would have had to have hit JonBenet on the head with something heavy or hit her with such strong force in anger. According to the autopsy, JonBenet died of both blunt force trauma to her head and strangulation. She was found tied up with a cord around her neck, and it was shown through an autopsy that she was still alive when she was strangled. So if Burke had accidentally killed his sister, Then why would JonBenet have been both beaten and strangled?. This had to be pulled off by an adult, not a 9-year-old child. The autopsy had also revealed that JonBenet had chunks of pineapple inside her stomach when she died. Inside Ramsey’s kitchen, a bowl of pineapple and a spoon were found with both Mrs. Ramsey's and Burke’s fingerprints on them. Yet odd as it sounds, neither John nor Patsy stated that they remembered putting the bowl on the table or feeding pineapple to JonBenet. So who fed her?, Whose lying?. Burke had shown some disturbing behavior in the past concerning his sister. For example; Burke had smeared feces on the walls of his sister’s room and on her bed which sounds disturbing for a child to do to his sibling. But still, I doubt very much that Burke killed his sister. I believed he didn't lie and slept through the whole night. Was JonBenet being sexually abused? Well, a drop of blood was found inside JonBenet's underwear and there were some signs that she may have suffered sexual abuse in the past. However, Mrs. Ramsey had taken JonBenet to her regular pediatrician doctor for vaginal irritation in the past and claimed it was due to a bubble bath. Let's not forget that this could also have come from JonBenet wetting her bed. Since the six-year-old would often wet her bed, she couldn't hold her pee in and wet her bed, she wore pull-up diapers before her bedtime. This was a problem that angered Mrs. Ramsey as she had to constantly deal with the plastic sheets, the urine stains, the change and wash of bedsheets, and so forth. The DNA that was found on JonBenet’s underwear couldn’t be matched to anyone within the family, yet it also didn't match anyone else in the police database. So then, Who was this DNA from? This was never clear, but a DNA specialist had argued that it could have come from the factory where the underwear was made. But besides the mysterious DNA, JonBenet's body displayed a strange marking that looked like it could have been from a stun gun. Nobody, not even an autopsy could explain with certainty alleges marking were or came from. There were too many holes in the police statements given by the Ramsey's of the night in question. For example; According to Mrs. Ramsey she had stayed up to prepare for the trip to Michigan the very next Morning, Hm! So how can she not know what exactly happen in her own home that very night? Mrs. Ramsey also wore the same outfit until the next morning. Investigators concluded that it was highly unlikely Mrs. Ramsey wouldn't change her clothes in the morning habitually. This infers she never went to sleep at all and was up all night. The only reason the Ramsey's were cleared of the crime by DNA evidence was that the crime scene was completely contaminated. This was mainly due because the Ramseys and their friends being in the house all day before the body was even found. Therefore, It was difficult to make any real conclusions based on that. What investigators found strange based on their observations was the way the Ramseys had acted strangely all that day on Wednesday, December 25, 1996. According to investigators on the scene, while the Ramsey's waited for the phone call from the kidnappers before they even had discovered JonBenet’s body, her parents barely stayed in the same room with each other. As requested in the lengthy letter, the Ramsey's along with the police waited for the kidnappers to call between 8 am-10 am, but nobody ever called as the note stated they would. Besides this, nobody had mentioned to investigators about the window yet, I mean, after all, this was critical to the case. So why wait on bringing something so important as the window in the basement?. Then there's the strange 911 call, when Mrs. Ramsey dialed 911 to report her daughter missing, she acted oddly. She stated to the 911 operator: "We have a kidnapping." Hm! This type of passive language as: "We have a kidnapping" VS "My daughter has been kidnapped" has been linked to lying. Mrs. Ramsey didn’t mention her daughter JonBenet until a few sentences into the 911 call. Mrs. Ramsey mentioned both the kidnapping and the letter, but not that her daughter was gone. Hey maybe this doesn't mean much, but if it were me, the first thing I would tell 911 as soon as I woke up to find my six-year-old daughter missing was missing based on my search for her around the whole house and letter left behind. I was in tears and desperate, but Mrs. Ramsey was calm. Yet strangely, Mrs. Ramsey then hangs up on 911. Why did she do that? I mean usually, people stay on the line with 911 until the police get there or until they know for sure the police are on the way. Mrs. Ramsey didn’t wait on the line to give any further additional details or hear if the police were on their way, instead she just hung up so abruptly that the 911 operator had to ask if she was still on the line. Mrs. Ramsey didn't realize the 911 phone call was still active as where the 911 operator could still hear unclear chatting in the background. But then, Who else could have killed JonBenet? Well, other than the Ramseys, there were other suspects but they all had alibis plus none of them seem to be from whatever a small foreign faction is/was. There was an older grandpa kind of man who would dress up as Santa Claus and had, strangely enough, asked his wife that when he dies, to mix his ashes up with a vial of glitter that JonBenet had given him. JonBenet knew the old man from Christmas and previous Christmas parties, where he often dressed up as Santa Claus. JonBenet had given him a glass jar of glitter one year earlier, which he took with him into heart surgery and asked to be mixed with his ashes if he died. But there wasn't much evidence that he could have killed her, and besides, he was physically ill. Then something unexpected happen, a well-known registered sex offender named 'Gary Oliva' whose listed address wasn't far from the Ramsey home had claimed to have hurt a little girl the same night of JonBenet's murder. He reached out to a friend the same night of her murder upset, alleging that he hurt a little girl. And what was very strange was that he also had the same stun gun markings on his body that JonBenet had, in his possession a stun gun was found. The police have dismissed his pedophile’s confession to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey saying his claim was investigated and they no longer had considered him a suspect. He was arrested on unrelated charges and is currently serving time in prison. After some time, a school teacher named 'John Mark Karr then came forward alleging and confessed to the JonBenet murder but he was found to be lying by police. He had reached out to a professor who was making a documentary about JonBenet and confessed that he was the one who killed JonBenet after sexually abusing her. Police in Boulder was able to prove that Mr. Karr wasn’t even in Boulder at the time of JonBenet's actual murder, he was simply looking for some fame. According to Mr. James Kolar the former investigator on the 1996 high-profile murder case, JonBenet Ramsey was likely not killed by an intruder. I believe he wrote a book on this stating his findings, observations, and much more. If I am not mistaken, he too strongly believed that JonBenet was killed by accident by the mother, and thereafter what took place was a cover-up to hide the truth to which Mrs. Ramsey who died of Ovarian Cancer in 2006, took to her grave. Do you know what I call that? "Karma." In late 1998, The Boulder County District Attorney 'Alex Hunter' presented the case to a grand jury of Eight women and four men. The grand jurors were among the very few people who had seen all the evidence prosecutors presented in the case against both John and Patsy Ramsey. The grand jury did recommend charges against both John and Patsy Ramsey, which indicated that the jurors had reason to believe that both John and Patsy Ramsey had placed their daughter JonBenet in a situation resulting in her death. Then, in an astonishing turn of events, the prosecutor nullified the findings of his grand jury, stating that he and his prosecution task force believed they didn't have sufficient evidence to warrant the filing of charges against anyone who had been investigated at that time. Was this in the injustice of the law? I would say "YES." JonBenet's death went unpunished, there is no way that at least one of the Ramsey parents or both didn't know what happen that fateful night to their six-year-old daughter JonBenet. .. Whatever happened to Ramsey's house? The Ramsey's house was sold. At present, the house is technically owned now by Carol Schuller Milner, the daughter of televangelist Robert Schuller, and her husband Tim Milner. However, although the Milners own the house, they only lived there as their primary residence for a brief amount of time. .. (To The Public: Please Keep In Mind That This Is Just My Own Perspective View Based On My Own Personal Study Research On The Case).

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