Dec. 2, 2018

Child Abuse

My fictional book is part of an ongoing series of villains who were created by me, the author, to hear throughout the world through written advocacy. As a child, I was a victim of harsh inflicted child abuse which included sex abuse. Unfortunately, alongside me were my siblings who also suffered at the hands of our father for years and years. Those who were put by the state to help us, namely, Child Protective Service failed us time after time by turning their backs on us. And it was what I lived through along with the 2013 California death of eight-year-old Gabriel Fernandez who was tortured time after time, killed by his mother and boyfriend that exactly lead me to write my three-part fictional series book based on the horror I lived through as an innocent growing child. Just like me, my siblings, and Gabriel, there are thousands of children nationwide who are subjects of child abuse cases by their parents while the child system holds back on doing anything to help the child, often at times until it is too late like it was for young Gabriel and others who died while in the watch of Child Protective Service. To better understand my book I can only say that as a growing child of harsh abuse and sex, I have always wished for a hero to come to my rescue to change and fix the broken justice system where child protective services were a concern. Their failures to improve these matters are why many children have died while on their watch. This is why this book was created as such because we need to bring to light matters such as these by advocacy, whether that be by voice or in the paper. This is why this particular book is unique and slightly different than other books. It positions the protagonists as villains who fight against a rash of different injustices, especially in child abuse cases. With so much injustice going around our days this book would make a suitable fit for all audiences. Are you or were you by any chance a victim of child abuse? If you were, this book might give you more lucidity into understanding where I am coming from writing this series. In real life, some villains are like superheroes because they fight for a good cause but unfortunately, their causes sometimes don't align with the norms of life. This book is worth the read especially since it has a little of everything such as action, drama, suspense, romance, heroes and villains, child abuse case, pedophiles, rapists, sex trafficking, FBI involvements, and even racism issues that need to be addressed. Each villain featured in my book series has his or her agenda of being noticed, heard, and getting their message through the proper channels at any and every cause. We too can help save America's children by knowing recognizing the signs of child abuse and reporting it immediately by doing it the right legal way and getting involved in several ways. The purpose of my series novel book is just that, to help our children while helping to educate child protective services by improving their methods on how they currently handle child abuse cases.

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22.10 | 13:04

Marta we are so sorry for the loss of your lovely mother. May she rest in the peace that she beautifully deserves. God bless...

09.09 | 16:46

I was able to watch the new animation trilogy book video for your novel. I Freaking love the 6 characters. What a talent, you go girl.

30.07 | 16:55

Thank you for helping me and my family through a difficult situation. The $ didn't go far but did help plenty. Your awesome Marta

24.06 | 17:42

Read some of your books, I like "I am Beast" And also your 3-part series of Villains For Justice. You are a great person with such a great big heart. God bless you, Miz Marta

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