Feb. 8, 2018

Jennifer Kesse Stalker

In my site blog post I like to address the case of Twenty-four-year-old

In my site blog post I like to address the case of Twenty-four-year-old "Jennifer Kesse" whose up to date her disappearance has remained as an open puzzle yet to be completely solved. Jennifer went missing on Tuesday in the early AM hours of January 24, 2006, from Orlando, Florida. At the time of her abduction, she lived at the Mosaic at Millenia Condo Apartments. I have always loved a good mystery and love to challenge the conundrum. In having to perceive Jennifer's case with what is available to the public view, I am convinced without a shadow of a doubt that Jennifer Kesse had someone watching her every move which she was completely unaware of. Unfortunately despite several attempts on the part of the Orlando Police Department, FBI, Orange County Police, and others, nothing up to date has got them any closer to her true whereabouts or what went down on that frightful day when she suddenly went missing. No one goes missing just like that, behind every missing and abduction case lays a story we may know nothing about. In all honesty, I became so curious and so eager to know or learn something about this strange case, I took it upon myself to perform my study and research by exploring this case on a long-term basis. I am working on writing a book that will contain straightforward Information. Book will be called: "I Am Beast" Book will be out In March 2019. During my exploring, I did car GPS the exact location from where Jennifer went missing. This was from the Mosaic condo apartments up to where her car was found at the Huntington on the green condo apartments. One thing that became certain to me was that this was in no way a random act, Jennifer Kesse was being watched by someone surrounding her. My intake on this is that Jennifer's abductor premeditated this abduction carefully. In other words, the person studied her daily routine in and out. This person watched Jennifer for a while. I also believe that there was more than just one person involved in this abduction. Now, this is just my opinion, but the POI image shows a wimpish person with a short height and slim weight. Visible evidence in Jennifer's apartment confirmed that Jennifer was home in the early morning hours of January 24, 2006. Her towel was moist to the touch, meaning her towel was slightly wet/damp or humid. If Jennifer went missing the night before, then her towel would have dried up by the time police came into her apartment condo. To me, It seems very doubtful that she went missing on the night of January 23, 2006, as some believe, but then again we all have our opinions on that. Then two days after Jennifer's disappearance her car was found over a mile or so at the Huntington apartments complex. The captured footage only manages to show a person parking Jennifer's car and walking off. I am pretty sure this is a man, I don't think a female fits the description nor that a female would be watching Jennifer. Just like others, I too copied the image and enhanced it bigger to try to get a much better view while wearing my quantum 3D glasses. In my view, I see what appears to be an undersized man in height, thin Caucasian male, hair in lower back shows to be like a men's crew cut, he seems to be wearing that of a Newsboy flat cap/hat which is also known as a working man's cap or that of a men's wool blend fashion French Basque Beret cap/hat. I know this kind of hat because my husband owns a few of these and they similarly are almost identical to the photo shown. With this kind of Newsboy/Basquet beret flat cap/hat, it appears like one has a bun in the back. The idea that it looks like a black bike helmet I have into question. I kind of doubt this loony is wearing a bike helmet because I don't think that this man who just helped commit a serious crime is going to put himself at risk while driving Jennifer's car with a bike helmet on. In doing that, he would only have drawn attention to the public view, and I am sure that was the last thing the loony wanted. It makes no sense to drive your victim's car around with a bike helmet on as to where the public would take any notice. And even though the photo is black/white he appears to be wearing a white t-shirt with light colors in pants most likely beige to ivory in colors. The pants appear to be that of a port west cotton craftsman type. He's short in his upper body frame, and he seems to have big feet for his height. He has long thin arms and he seems to have his hands inside of his pocket pants most likely to cover any gloves he may have on. I don't believe there was any foul play involved in her abduction. The valuables left inside Jennifer's car had implied that robbery was not a motive in her disappearance, Investigators were adamant about that. A search police bloodhound dog named 'Bo' had managed to track a scent in the driver’s seat directly to the rear stairwell of Jennifer's apartment near a pond before losing the trace. This was done without any sidetracks by Bo, leading investigators to believe that Jennifer's abductor had returned to her apartment parking lot after leaving her car and most likely left thereafter. The area was searched by both dogs and people on horseback but nothing was detected along the route. After a forensic examination of her car, only two pieces of evidence were found, a latent print and a small DNA fiber. Investigators concluded that the car had been completely wiped down. This loony made sure he had covered all his tracks which included the shutdown of Jennifer's electronic devices so as not to be tracked by outside towers. This was why Investigators couldn't pinpoint Jennifer's cellphone. The items that were known to be missing were Jennifer’s cell phone, along with the cell phone she was going to send off to her brother's friend, the briefcase she used for work, her purse, keys, and her favorite new heel pumps. Jennifer usually carried a mace on her keychain but that was found on her counter. Surely Jennifer left it behind before heading to her trip to St. Croix since it wouldn't be allowed on the flight. Now here's what I find very interesting, at the time of Jennifer's abduction her condominium complex was undergoing a major expansion, construction plus renovations. Many of the workers employed were said to be illegal immigrants but not all were immigrant workers living within that same complex. The apartment complex maintenance can't be excluded either. Jennifer was unhappy with them and had even told her family and few friends on several occasions that the "WORKERS" working there in her complex apartments would continually harass and catcall her which made her feel uneasy. Unfortunately, the police had a difficult time questioning all the construction workers because some of them were undocumented and difficult to trace. The landscape company was questioned by police and they stated that they didn't see Jennifer’s car in her usual parking spot that morning when they arrived around 7:30-8 a.m. But yet, Jennifer usually left for work between 7:30-7:45 a.m. So, how can no one have seen a single thing? A lot of the time the gate was also left open for the construction workers. The captured photo appears to show the person having work clothes on and working shoes. To me, the captured photo looks like someone who deals with refurbishment work. Let me just add that while I was experimenting with all colors, I noted that when it comes to black and white photos, light colors always come out as white to ivory or light grey, while darker colors come out as dark. Investigators, Jennifer's family, and friends have remained open to the possibility that perhaps Jennifer was a victim of human trafficking, but honestly, I don't think that was the case at all. Based on research, human trafficking usually ranches among girls ages 8 to 18. Surely by this time, Jennifer would have reached out somehow or some way to her family no matter what it took. Some figures around her I believe became either infatuated or felt threatened by her. The true answer to Jennifer's disappearance will always remain back in the Mosaic apartments, something may have gone unnoticed by investigators, maybe even under their nose. Something evil was lurking around Jennifer, a coward, a heartless bastard who was perhaps rejected by Jennifer and took it upon himself to act as the cowardly cold psycho he is. Up to date, nothing convinces me that Jennifer didn't have someone watching her beforehand. Who else would of known Jennifer's daily routine if not someone watching her every move? Stalkers study their victims carefully before their final act, some crime scenes speak for themselves, and this one was one of those. If there was someone as a stranger outsider watching Jennifer, then the Mosaic apartment complex would have noticed this, and so would all the construction/landscapers crew who were there on a routine daily basis. By the looks of it, to me, this was an inside job. Even though Jennifer's car was found within a shady neighborhood just a mile away, her parents vehemently disagree that their daughter would be in that area and that she wouldn't leave her condo that late on a work night. But yet, the Orlando Police Department had responded by stating to Jennifer's parents, "You don’t know your daughter as well as you think you do." My response would have been the following, How can the police explain that there was visible evidence that places Jennifer in her apartment that morning of January 24? For example; Jennifer's towel being was still moist to the touch, her shower/bathtub had still contained recently used freshwater drawn out, her bathroom counter had makeup recently used, her bed had been surely slept in as it was unmade, plus she had clothes/outfits laid out in her bed. Why on earth would Jennifer lie to her boyfriend on her cell phone saying goodnight to him as she was about to sleep especially since she had to get up early the next day, and then go out into the night? Sorry makes no sense. Oneself, I feel as if the police waited too long, or took their time with this case giving the abductor time to get away and cover his tracks even more. What a shameless pity that this strange abductor outsmarted the police. Let me just say that in all honesty, it doesn't take a genius here to figure this out or conclude who was behind the scenes in this case. I am a bit surprised that this case has taken well over a decade to get solved. I would add more of my thoughts plus information as to why I feel that way, but I left that part for my book instead. Also, just because someone passes a polygraph doesn't mean they are being truthful. Believe it or not, people can actually and easily learn to beat a polygraph while telling a real lie by taking ahead of time some kind of relaxing sedative to calm their inner nerves down, even known serial killers have passed these tests. This way they show no signs of stress during the test, and they typically pass a lie detector test even if they are lying. This practice will help the person taking the polygraph because even if the needle nips a little (because maybe lying) it won't be off the charts. I wouldn't rely on those tests, there is a reason why polygraphs are not admissible in court. I am a huge fanatic lover of the ID channel and other television stories/shows/programs where real true crimes have been committed and I've seen real murderers, even serial killers beat a polygraph easily. Also, there's the former housekeeper at the complex who had said that Chino, a maintenance man who was working on Kesse's condominium the week before Jennifer went missing looked like the POI image. Hmm! interesting, under research I read an article about this man. He was a suspect in a sexual assault back in 2005, yet he wasn't in prison during that time. Let me just say that there's more there that's been left out such as the corrective dates that he was actually in prison. I left all the information I picked up on that research for my book. Sometimes proper information is left out which confuses people by misleading them into believing something else to cover up mistakes committed in the case. This is usually done by using just the right words to twist dates or actual events as they had taken place. I see it as a simple way of manipulating the family and the public. Based on the type of person that Jennifer is described as from both her family and close friends, I don't think Jennifer had a beef with anyone from her past nor that anyone had any kind of a grudge or wanted revenge on her. Meanwhile, I am going to do my part to help find this person of interest by writing a book about Jennifer Kesse's abductor, her mystery stalker. The book will have his captured photo inside to further help extend his captured image even more. I hope and pray to God for Jennifer's safe return or at least her family to eventually get the closure they need and deserve. There is nothing worse than not knowing whatever happen to your child, So I admire Jennifer's parents for their strength because I would not be that strong. It is because of cases like these that go cold and unresolved due to a lack of constant true effort and hard persistence from the legal authorities that I write books on the injustice of the legal system. It isn't only Jennifer Kesse that has been let down by the legal authority system allowing this case to grow old and unresolved but also her family as well, not to mention us the public who keep an eye open for any new updates. I don't blame Jennifer's family for wanting to take the investigation into their own hands by bringing in their secured team of lawyers and private investigators. It's unfortunate that up to date Jennifer Kesse is still considered missing and endangered by Orlando Police Department, Orange County Police, FBI, Interpol, and others. Up to date, Jennifer Kesse's case remains unresolved and worse yet No Law Enforcement is following her case. In other words, they've foolishly given up. This case remains open with no new clues, leads, or information. The Kesse family is now on their left to continue investigating their daughter's abduction. I am 100% sure that Jennifer's loony abductor was close to home. Let me just say that I saw the Up & Vanished episode of Jennifer Kesse's case that aired on March 14, 2020. Some new details and information came about during the episode that I wasn't surprised about. I did leave my review as an observation on that in my book. I still can't Jennifer Kesse's stalker was clever enough to have got away with it, shame on law enforcement! I mean really? There's no doubt that this was all pre-planned and the work of an artisan as I have always suspected from the very start. In my personal opinion, another careful look at the car should be done and updated. Even if it were to take another decade, hopefully eventually, this case may come to the truth in light of what happened to Jennifer. Don't let Jennifer Kesse's abductor stalker and/or any accomplices get away with this crime. This or these loonies have walked free for far too long, It's time to help find him and uncover the truth. Please if you know anything about this case, report it immediately to the proper legal authorities. Please take a GOOD long heedful look at the captured photo and help identify this wanted person of interest. There continues to be an active ongoing reward out. (To The Public: This Is Just My Suspicion As Perspective View Based On Reasonable Logic)


Earl Carlson

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I read your book on this and this does look like a workmen to me also. Hope they find them creeps, losers.

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