Marta's Favorite Music & Videos

Nothing Is Forever

Lo Gue Vivi Una Vez

Gracias Por Tratar De Hacerme Feliz

Choose Carefully, Once Your Mines There's No Going Back.

My Needs As A Woman

Llegamos En La Vida Para Conocernos

In Memory of "Prince."

"Wichie" Libre para volar como una paloma. No mas ...

Remembering My Father.. R.I.P ..

Sometimes It's Best To Just Walk Away & Not Look Back

Ahora Puedo Decir Que Me Encuentro De Pie Al Superar Aquel Amor Que Casi Me Mata, Vuelvo Hacer Yo.

In Loving Memory To Those I've Lost In Death .. To My Great Friend "DedI Reyes" I Miss You Girl :(

Cuando Se Pierde Ese Amor

This Song Gets Me Into The Groove

One Of My Favorite Romantic Movies

Mi Corazon Dice Que No

Put A Record On, I Want To Dance With My Baby.

Triste Pero Pasa

I Bet She Ain't A Freak Like Me

Mi Tierra, Mi Orgullo.

Men, Ugh!

Una De Mis Favoritas- Camionero

Ni De Amores Se Muere Ni De Recuerdos Se Vive

My Top Favorite From "In Living Color." Jim Carrey & Jamie Foxx In Ugly Woman Wanda On The Dating Game.

Lo Mas Triste Que Se Puede Vivir Por Alguien

Le Deseo Lo Mejor

If Your Into The Barbie Type, Please Move Along.

Just Walk Away & Don't Look Back

No Me Combiene

This Is The Best I Love In Martin Lawrence As Dragon Fly Jones

Querer Y Amar No Es Lo Mismo

Se Me Parecio Tanto A El

One Of My Favorite Dance Movies

Con El Estoy Mejor

I'll Keep The Memory Inside

Papi Chulo Oye Ven A Mi mmmmm

I So Love Soul Train

Sin Aun Me Quieres Hazme Sitio

Stronger Than Before

There's Always That Tomorrow To Look Start Over.

Me Dejo Con Ese Dolor :(

He Was My Lesson

I Never Get Tired Of Seeing This Movie, I Can Almost Relate In Some Ways.

Quizas Algun Dia

I Wish I Could See Him Again Even If For One Last Time (Santo)

La Cancion Lo Dice Todo

Story Of My Life .. I Am A Warrior ..


Zainada Gomez


15.08.2018 00:53

Latest comments

22.10 | 13:04

Marta we are so sorry for the loss of your lovely mother. May she rest in the peace that she beautifully deserves. God bless...

09.09 | 16:46

I was able to watch the new animation trilogy book video for your novel. I Freaking love the 6 characters. What a talent, you go girl.

30.07 | 16:55

Thank you for helping me and my family through a difficult situation. The $ didn't go far but did help plenty. Your awesome Marta

24.06 | 17:42

Read some of your books, I like "I am Beast" And also your 3-part series of Villains For Justice. You are a great person with such a great big heart. God bless you, Miz Marta

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