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27.08.2017 01:56

Wishing you the best in your accomplishments.

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22.10 | 13:04

Marta we are so sorry for the loss of your lovely mother. May she rest in the peace that she beautifully deserves. God bless...

09.09 | 16:46

I was able to watch the new animation trilogy book video for your novel. I Freaking love the 6 characters. What a talent, you go girl.

30.07 | 16:55

Thank you for helping me and my family through a difficult situation. The $ didn't go far but did help plenty. Your awesome Marta

24.06 | 17:42

Read some of your books, I like "I am Beast" And also your 3-part series of Villains For Justice. You are a great person with such a great big heart. God bless you, Miz Marta

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